Level the Political Playing Field for Your Race

Who is Running for What Office In Any Race

This website is a resource for voters and candidates.  Voters can use it to determine who is a serious candidate in any race and their positions on the issues.

Candidates and especially underdog dandidates with limited budgets can use this website as a way of reaching educated voters and donors.

Federal, State, County, City, it doens't matter.  Constable, Judge or Senator, that does not matter either.  Any candidate at any level from any political party or any independent candidate can advertize here for a minimal fee.  We suggest a simple paragraph and a video.  Setup is easy and the basic listing should take less than 5 minutes.  Then any voter can easily find you in the list of candidates who are running in your district for your elected office.

We also offer an expanded listing whch allows candidates to explain their positions on various isues.

Although this website is designed for computers with a large screen, voters using a cell phone can see a candidate's basic information and video.

We believe that information is critical to voters and that the present system incourages propaganda rather than information.  We encourage Political Action Committees and other organizations that want to reach voters to contact us.