We Level the Political Playing Field for Elected Office Races

Who is Running for Elected Offices In the USA

This website is for:

Voters.  You can find who is running for Federal, State and local offices in your community, State and at the Federal level.

Candidates.  You can easily and securely deliver detailed information to voters at low cost.

Active Individuals.  You can easily find a candidate that you want to contribute your time and money to.  Even outside your State or District!

Active Organizations.  You can easily find many candidates that to contribute to.  Nationwide!


Federal, State, County, City, it doens't matter.  President, Constable, Judge or Senator, that does not matter either.  Any candidate at any level from any political party or independent can advertize here for a minimal fee.  We suggest a simple paragraph and a video link for everyone but you can also post detailed information on any issue.  Basic setup is easy and should take less than 5 minutes.  Then any voter can easily find you in your district for your elected office.  Our goal is to level the playing field and make it possible for independents and minor political party candidates to have the same exposure as the well funded cndidates.