We Level the Playing Field for EVERYONE Running for Political Office

Who is Running for Elected Offices In the USA

This website is for:

Voters.  You can find who is running for your Federal, State and local offices, compare them on issues and watch their ads.

Candidates.  You can easily and securely get information out to voters for a minimal cost.

Politically Active Individuals.  You can easily find a candidate that you want to contribute your time and money to for any election.

Politically Active Organizations.  You can easily find candidates to contribute to nationwide.


Any candidate running for any political office from any political party or running independently can advertise on Whorunning.com for a minimal fee.  Our goal is to level the playing field by reducing the cost of funding political campaigns by providing low-cost advertising and enabling voters to easily compare all candidates for political office.  This provides all candidates with the same exposure to the voters.

We suggest a simple paragraph and a video link for everyone but you can also post detailed information on any issue.  Basic setup is easy and should take less than 5 minutes.   Any voter can easily find your biography and political stance on any issue.